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Old 10-20-2001
Data Network problem after sys-unconfig

I am running Solaris 8 and I have problem with configuration of the network after running sys-unconfig command:

- I ran "sys-unconfig" command then the system reboot to "ok" prompt. I did a "boot disk" command and the system reboot
- I lost all system info including host name and all addresses and dns as a name resolve
- I went back in after reboot and ran the "ifconfig" command for the IP address, mask, and use the "route add default" command for the default router

But all lost again after I reboot the system. My questions are

1) How do I ran the "ifconfig" command so that the system keep all the config after reboot.

2) How do I put back the host name to the system? (I went into /etc and try to change the host name but the "hosts" file is "read only" and I went in as root.)

Manny thanks for help
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Old 10-20-2001
Hi Rachael,

It looks like your Solaris system has got a bug.
Here is the url for Sun's alert page for the sys-unconfig problem on Solaris 8:

Hope this helps you out.

Andy Smilie
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Old 10-22-2001
Thanks Andy, the site was very helpful, i have been able to get the network going now.

Thanks for the great suggestion.

Rachael Smilie
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Old 10-22-2001
That's okay Rachael, if you have any more problems don't hesitate to post on, one of us will try to help you.

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