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duplicate connection error

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Old 07-25-2009
duplicate connection error

Hello All,
I have one multithreaded server program.Due to fluctuating network, my client is getting disconnected, and after some time i received the new connection from same client, which gets treated as duplicate connection for my server. I have kept my tcp keep alive timer is 10 sec.

Can some one guide me, how can i handle this case? What concept i should use from socket programming for it? I tried shutdown and then close for closing the socket, unfortunately that didn't work.


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Server::Client(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				       Server::Client(3pm)

Net::SMTP::Server::Client - Client session handling for Net::SMTP::Server. SYNOPSIS
use Carp; use Net::SMTP::Server; use Net::SMTP::Server::Client; use Net::SMTP::Server::Relay; $server = new Net::SMTP::Server('localhost', 25) || croak("Unable to handle client connection: $! "); while($conn = $server->accept()) { # We can perform all sorts of checks here for spammers, ACLs, # and other useful stuff to check on a connection. # Handle the client's connection and spawn off a new parser. # This can/should be a fork() or a new thread, # but for simplicity... my $client = new Net::SMTP::Server::Client($conn) || croak("Unable to handle client connection: $! "); # Process the client. This command will block until # the connecting client completes the SMTP transaction. $client->process || next; # In this simple server, we're just relaying everything # to a server. If a real server were implemented, you # could save email to a file, or perform various other # actions on it here. my $relay = new Net::SMTP::Server::Relay($client->{FROM}, $client->{TO}, $client->{MSG}); } DESCRIPTION
The Net::SMTP::Server::Client module implements all the session handling required for a Net::SMTP::Server::Client connection. The above example demonstrates how to use Net::SMTP::Server::Client with Net::SMTP::Server to handle SMTP connections. $client = new Net::SMTP::Server::Client($conn) Net::SMTP::Server::Client accepts one argument that must be a handle to a connection that will be used for communication. Once you have a new client session, simply call: $client->process This processes an SMTP transaction. THIS MAY APPEAR TO HANG -- ESPECIALLY IF THERE IS A LARGE AMOUNT OF DATA BEING SENT. Once this method returns, the server will have processed an entire SMTP transaction, and is ready to continue. Once $client->process returns, various fields have been filled in. Those are: $client->{TO} -- This is an array containing the intended recipients for this message. There may be multiple recipients for any given message. $client->{FROM} -- This is the sender of the given message. $client->{MSG} -- The actual message data. :) AUTHOR AND COPYRIGHT Net::SMTP::Server / SMTP::Server is Copyright(C) 1999, MacGyver (aka Habeeb J. Dihu) <>. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may distribute this package under the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file. SEE ALSO
Net::SMTP::Server::Server, Net::SMTP::Server::Relay perl v5.10.1 1999-12-28 Server::Client(3pm)

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