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Old 07-25-2009
duplicate connection error

Hello All,
I have one multithreaded server program.Due to fluctuating network, my client is getting disconnected, and after some time i received the new connection from same client, which gets treated as duplicate connection for my server. I have kept my tcp keep alive timer is 10 sec.

Can some one guide me, how can i handle this case? What concept i should use from socket programming for it? I tried shutdown and then close for closing the socket, unfortunately that didn't work.

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TCPCONNECT(1)						      General Commands Manual						     TCPCONNECT(1)

tcplisten - general TCP/IP server SYNOPSIS
tcplisten [-irv] [localaddr] port DESCRIPTION
tcplisten waits for a TCP/IP connection on port. If a localaddr parameter is given, tcplisten will bind to that IP address. Otherwise tcplisten will accept connections to any of the local machines IP addresses. Data received from the client is printed on standard output, and data read from standard input is sent to the client. When end-of-file is reached on both standard input and the TCP/IP connection, tcplisten terminates. OPTIONS
-i Terminate at end-of-file on standard input; don't wait for the client to close the connection. -r Terminate when the remote client closes the connection; don't wait for end-of-file on standard input. -v Verbose mode. Prints a message to standard error about the origins (host and port) of the client. SEE ALSO
tcpconnect(1), telnet(1), mini-inetd(1), tcpbug(1). BUGS
The names of the options are not yet finalized, and may change at a future release. 1997 April 13 TCPCONNECT(1)