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HPUX 11.11 Sept.2003 cannot see PCI-X scsi adapter

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Operating Systems HP-UX HPUX 11.11 Sept.2003 cannot see PCI-X scsi adapter
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Old 08-30-2018
HPUX 11.11 Sept.2003 cannot see PCI-X scsi adapter

I am trying to reload a RP4440 with 2x300gb disks and dual Port Network card, with HPUX 11.11 Sept 2003. When the os boots and and gets to the main menu to install HPUX or run recovery, it cannot find the disks or NIC.
At the OS prompt (after loading files), ioscan shows the Class ba, and shows PCI-X SCSI and the Ethernet as an UNKNOWN sub-Class of ba, even though it loads the PCI-X Bus Adapters and loads the BA Class for the slots.
In the /tmp/ it generates does not, of course, have any listing for the disk.
1) can the disk string be manually added eventhough ioscan sees unknow, or do I Have to find a newer release of 11.11 somewhere/somehow?

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sorry, it is the release I was using.

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scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options(9F)			   Kernel Functions for Drivers 		     scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options(9F)

scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options - look up per-device-type scsi-options property SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/scsi/scsi.h> int scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options(dev_info_t *dip, struct scsi_device *devp, int default_scsi_options); INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI). PARAMETERS
dip Pointer to the device info node for this HBA driver. devp Pointer to a scsi_device(9S) structure of the target. default_scsi_options Value returned if no match is found. DESCRIPTION
The scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options() function looks up the property device-type-scsi-options-list, which can be specified in the HBA's driver.conf(4) file. This property allows specification of scsi-options on a per-device-type basis. The formal syntax is: device-type-scsi-options-list = <duplet> [, <duplet> *]; where: <duplet> := <vid+pid>, <scsi-options-property-name> and: <scsi-options-property-name> = <value>; The string <vid+pid> is returned by the device on a SCSI inquiry command. This string can contain any character in the range 0x20-0x7e. Characters such as double quote (") or single quote ('), which are not permitted in property value strings, are represented by their octal equivalent (for example, 42 and 47). Trailing spaces can be truncated. For example: device-type-scsi-options-list= "SEAGATE ST32550W", "seagate-options", "EXABYTE EXB-2501". "exabyte-options", "IBM OEM DFHSS4S", "ibm-options"; seagate-options = 0x78; exabyte-options = 0x58; ibm-options = 0x378; The scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options() function searches the list of duplets for a matching INQUIRY string. If a match is found, scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options() returns the corresponding value. RETURN VALUES
scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options() returns the scsi-options value found, or if no match is found the default_scsi_options value passed in. CONTEXT
This function can be called from kernel or interrupt context. SEE ALSO
Writing Device Drivers SunOS 5.10 19 Nov 2001 scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options(9F)

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