[Solved] Problem creating print queue HP-UX -to- HP4100N

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Operating Systems HP-UX [Solved] Problem creating print queue HP-UX -to- HP4100N
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Old 09-13-2010
Originally Posted by methyl
Needs a manual edit of the model file.

Change the line

It was already set to this, any other ideas? I am looking further at this file for more options. I was not aware of this file in HP. Thanks again. -KJ

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This file has PJL all over it. I guess this is the right place. I am not sure what else I am safe to edit in this file, but am reading about it thanks once more. -KJ
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Old 09-14-2010
I have found some new information out today. When I use a print queue made with "addqueue" I am still getting this PJL code embedded in my print jobs (even when I use option -L PCL), but when I used a new method to me this worked, can anyone help me with this? hpnpf and addqueue? What in addqueue could be doing this?

hpnpf(1) hpnpf(1)

hpnpf - network peripheral filter

man hpnpf | strings -4 man.hpnpf.txt
hpnpf -x {printer IP} man.hpnpf.txt

I never need anything like this in my old world with AIX.
oops did I just say a bad word? TIA. -KJ
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Old 09-19-2010
I finally read every line of this* file "methyl" said to change containing BANNER...
Well maybe I should have read this further a long time ago. My particular file was over 5K lines. But it seems this file is where the wrapping of the PJL is added to the base report. I should have looked closer. Changing the banner did not help but the file itself was the problem.
Thanks for the file name.
My check print project is done. -KJ
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