vPar Hardware Paths

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Old 09-02-2009
vPar Hardware Paths

I wonder if anyone could assist with this.

We have taken over administration of an rp8440 that has been split into 2 nPars and has 4vPars per nPar.

I have to add a network card into one of the vPars that was missed at the time the vPar was created. That bit i have no problem with.

The issue i have is that i do not know which of the available resources relates to this i/o slot, so i wonder if anyone could give me any ideas on how to find this out. I am sure there must be a way of working it out, but i cannot figure it out.

I know the card is in chassis 0, slot 1

Available resources from vparstatus -A command

[Available I/O devices (path)]: 0.0.1
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vparremove(1M)															    vparremove(1M)

vparremove - remove a virtual partition SYNOPSIS
vp_name db_file] DESCRIPTION
The command deletes a virtual partition previously created using the command. All resources associated with the virtual partition are made available for allocation to other partitions. Unintentional use of this command has serious consequences; therefore the user is prompted to confirm the operation unless the (force) option is specified. Options recognizes the following command line options and arguments: Specifies the unique name of the virtual partition which is to be removed. Required. Removes a virtual partition from the partition database contained in db_file. If this option is omitted, the virtual partition is removed from the monitor's database. In this case, the partition must be in the state to be removed. Thus it is an error to try to remove the current virtual partition, the one in which the command is executing. Specifies the force option. Omits the confirmation dialog before removing the virtual partition. This option is intended for use by scripts and other non-interactive applications. SECURITY RESTRICTIONS
This command is restricted to processes owned by superuser. When virtual partition flexible administrative capability is enabled, a virtual partition can only be removed from within a Designated- Admin vPar. RETURN VALUE
The command exits with one of the following values: Successful completion. One or more error conditions occurred. EXAMPLES
Destroy the virtual partition in the partition database currently running in the monitor: Destroy the virtual partition in the partition database currently running in the monitor using the force option: Delete partition in partition database file ERRORS
displays error messages on standard error for any of the following conditions: o db_file does not exist, cannot be accessed, is not a virtual partition database file, or is corrupt. o vp_name does not exist in the monitor's database or in db_file. o vp_name in the monitor's database is in some state other than o The command and the virtual partition monitor are at different revision levels. o When the virtual partition flexible administrative capability is enabled and the local virtual partition is not a Designated- Admin vPar. AUTHOR
was developed by the Hewlett-Packard Company. SEE ALSO
vparadmin(1M), vparboot(1M), vparconfig(1M), vparcreate(1M), vpardump(1M), vparefiutil(1M), vparenv(1M), vparextract(1M), vparmodify(1M), vparreloc(1M), vparreset(1M), vparstatus(1M), vparutil(1M), vparresources(5), vpartition(5), vpmon(5). vparremove(1M)