MAIL question for HP-Unix O/S

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Old 02-26-2002
MAIL question for HP-Unix O/S

Has anyone written a script to attached a text file when sending an email using the MAIL command?

I wrote a Unix Script to email an end-user a text file. I want the file to be an attachment. I've tried the unix command uuencode but this seems to be for a binary file. My text file is garbage (binary) when it's opened from within the email.
uuencode $LG_TOP/bin/ARPSONIC.txt $LG_TOP/bin/SONIC.txt > $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tst
echo 'To:'$to > $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo 'From:'$from >> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo 'Cc:'$cc >> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo 'Return-receipt: Yes' >> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo 'Subject: UPS Logistics Files ' >> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo 'Dear Customer' >> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo ' '>> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo 'Please find attached File' >> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo ' '>> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo 'Thank you'>> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo ' '>> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
echo 'Deborah S. Thompson'>> $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp
cat $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tst > $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp1
mail $RECIPIENTS < $LG_TOP/bin/dst.tmp1
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Old 02-26-2002
I had to write a script on HP-UX that would send an ascii file as a mime attachment but in such a way that a non mime mailer could read it. This was to satisfy all of our customers at once. Here it is...
#! /usr/bin/ksh

#  This script takes two ascii files and mails them.  One file is
#  the main body of the message.  The second file is sent as an ascii
#  mime attachment.  But everything is kept in ascii so that users with
#  non-mime mail user agents can deal with it
#  Options 
#  -t addressee  (required)
#  -a address    (required)
#  -b body       (required)
#  -s subject    (optional)
#  -A attachment (optional)
#  mimetool -t "Joe Blow" -a  -b body.txt  -A attach.txt
#  Here body.txt and attach.txt are files.  The name of the body file
#  isn't too important.  The name of the attachment file is important 
#  since it will be sent as well as the contents.  A Microsoft OS uses
#  the name to figure out what to do.  It knows what a .txt file is but
#  it will get mixed up with a .junk file.  

while getopts ':t:a:b:A:s:' opt ; do
	case $opt in
		print -u2 what is -${OPTARG}?
		print -u2 $OPTARG need an argument

if [[ -z $TO ]] ; then
	print -u2 "-t NAME is required"

if [[ -z $ADDRESS ]] ; then
	print -u2 "-a ADDRESS is required"

if [[ -z $BODY ]] ; then
	print -u2 "-b BODY is required"

if [[ ! -f $BODY ||  ! -r $BODY ]] ; then
	print -u2 "-b $BODY is not a readable file"

if [[ -z $ATTACHMENT ]] ; then
	print -u2 "-A ATTACHMENT is required"

if [[ ! -f $ATTACHMENT ||  ! -r $ATTACHMENT ]] ; then
	print -u2 "-b $ATTACHMENT is not a readable file"

if ((error)) ; then
	print -u2 "error in parameter list...exiting"
	exit 1

pwentry=$(grep "^$(id -un):" /etc/passwd)
while [[ $pwentry = *:* ]] ; do

BOUNDARY='=== This is the boundary between parts of the message. ==='

print -  "From: $myname <${myaddr}>"
print -  "To: $TO <${ADDRESS}>"
if [[ -n $SUBJECT ]] ; then
	print -  'Subject:' $SUBJECT
print -  'MIME-Version: 1.0'
print -  'Content-Type: MULTIPART/MIXED; '
print -  '    BOUNDARY='\"$BOUNDARY\"
print - 
print -  '        This message is in MIME format.  But if you can see this,'
print -  "        you aren't using a MIME aware mail program.  You shouldn't "
print -  '        have too many problems because this message is entirely in'
print -  '        ASCII and is designed to be somewhat readable with old '
print -  '        mail software.'
print - 
print -  "--${BOUNDARY}"
print -  'Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII'
print - 
cat $BODY
print - 
print - 
print -  "--${BOUNDARY}"
print -  'Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII; name='${ATTACHMENT}
print -  'Content-Disposition: attachment;   filename='${ATTACHMENT}
print - 
print - 
print -  "--${BOUNDARY}--"
} | /usr/lib/sendmail $ADDRESS

exit 0

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Old 03-19-2002

Smilie Great post. Worked first time. Thanks
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Old 03-26-2002
Excellent work! This is better than using ELM even though it works, but is a little awkward.

Thanks for the great script.

You should share this on They have a contest for the best scripts each month.

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