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OS X / fsck / apps dont work no control panel

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Special Forums Hardware Filesystems, Disks and Memory OS X / fsck / apps dont work no control panel
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Old 08-14-2002
OS X / fsck / apps dont work no control panel


My neighbor kid brings me his iBook and says nothing works. He decided to move the file system to his likeness and that semed to create the problems. Now he doesn't have access rights to his home.
I have run fsck over and over again and I keep getting ** fs modified **
I have also run the Disk First Aid from the CD.
I also downloaded a "Repair Privleges" prog on another machine, burned to CD, and ran that. All was repaired.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much.

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SYSTEMD-FSCK@.SERVICE(8)				       systemd-fsck@.service					  SYSTEMD-FSCK@.SERVICE(8)

systemd-fsck@.service, systemd-fsck-root.service, systemd-fsck - File system checker logic SYNOPSIS
systemd-fsck@.service systemd-fsck-root.service /lib/systemd/systemd-fsck DESCRIPTION
systemd-fsck@.service and systemd-fsck-root.service are services responsible for file system checks. They are instantiated for each device that is configured for file system checking. systemd-fsck-root.service is responsible for file system checks on the root file system, but only if the root filesystem was not checked in the initramfs. systemd-fsck@.service is used for all other file systems and for the root file system in the initramfs. These services are started at boot if passno in /etc/fstab for the file system is set to a value greater than zero. The file system check for root is performed before the other file systems. Other file systems may be checked in parallel, except when they are on the same rotating disk. systemd-fsck does not know any details about specific filesystems, and simply executes file system checkers specific to each filesystem type (/sbin/fsck.*). This helper will decide if the filesystem should actually be checked based on the time since last check, number of mounts, unclean unmount, etc. If a file system check fails for a service without nofail, emergency mode is activated, by isolating to emergency.target. KERNEL COMMAND LINE
systemd-fsck understands these kernel command line parameters: fsck.mode= One of "auto", "force", "skip". Controls the mode of operation. The default is "auto", and ensures that file system checks are done when the file system checker deems them necessary. "force" unconditionally results in full file system checks. "skip" skips any file system checks. fsck.repair= One of "preen", "yes", "no". Controls the mode of operation. The default is "preen", and will automatically repair problems that can be safely fixed. "yes" will answer yes to all questions by fsck and "no" will answer no to all questions. SEE ALSO
systemd(1), fsck(8), systemd-quotacheck.service(8), fsck.btrfs(8), fsck.cramfs(8), fsck.ext4(8), fsck.fat(8), fsck.hfsplus(8), fsck.minix(8), fsck.ntfs(8), fsck.xfs(8) systemd 237 SYSTEMD-FSCK@.SERVICE(8)

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