Find Files in Directory by Permission?

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Operating Systems Linux Fedora Find Files in Directory by Permission?
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Old 09-24-2009
Find Files in Directory by Permission?

Hello. I need to write a script that lets the user pick a directory. Then, all files are looped through, and the ones with read-write (for current user I think) are listed. Ending with a count of those files, but that parts easy. What I'm confused about is the middle.

So far I have



echo "please enter a directory name."
read directory

if [ -d "$directory" ]
echo "The $directory directory exists, looking..."

echo "$directory does not exist"
exit $return

Now I havent finished the WHOLE thing, but where I have the #comment is where I'm stuck and presumably where I'd begin the loop. How do I search the user input $directory for read-write files?
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Old 09-24-2009
find /path/to/$directory -user $username -perm -u+r,-u+w

this will give this list of files, i.e. you don't need a loop.

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Old 09-24-2009
Thanks, I'll try that now. Yeah I was doing some more research and ended up with

find $directory -type f -print -perm 666

This seemed to have worked, but it's listing non-existant files!

i.e. the folder "bin" has two files. Both are scripts ive made.
But this was listing each twice plus a non-existant one.
"read-write-access.txt" was listed as-is, PLUS a "read-write-access.txt~" was listed. With a tidle. Same as the other code. Plus a file called "Code" is listed, even though that file hasn't been in there for a while, and it won't show for me when I look in there. Odd. But I'll try your solution right now, thanks.

Edit: Your code gives the error "find: invalid argument -u+6 to -user"

Edit: Actually, could I get some help with where I'd put a counter to get the number of files found under these parameters?

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Old 09-24-2009
the invalid arg error seems like it would have been caused by mixing up the options and args (i.e. -user -u+6 rather than -perm -u+6)

the strange results could be caused by subdirectories. find $directory refers to the search root. you can use the -depth flag to limit directory descending or the
-wholename flag to specificy the path

for result counts, I usually do something like this:

find ... -print | wc -l

if you need to output the list _and_ get the count, you can do:

find ... -print > results.txt
COUNT=`wc -l results.txt`

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Old 09-24-2009
Edit: 10th edit to this post haha.

Now it's just a final problem. I need to concactonate two things. My text saying "you've found X ($COUNT) values". The string and the count in the same sentence.

Problem: $COUNT ends up being, if I echo it I get "1 results.txt"

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Old 09-24-2009
COUNT=`wc -l results.txt|cut -f1 -d' '`

cuts the first space delimited field, which is your value
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Old 09-24-2009
But it still shouldn't have been saying 1 - I had 4 results.

Now at if [ COUNT -gt 0 ] , line 23, i get the error integer expression expected

Is there no simpler way? Like at the -Find, there's an -Exec at the end, so each count adds 1 to a value called Count that was initially 0? I tried this earlier but got wierd errors, maybe you can tell me how it's done lol

....and now I cant get it to echo COUNT. Even when I make it = "lol" and echo is immediately. Just not showing up. /sigh

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