xen cannot start

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Operating Systems Linux Debian xen cannot start
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Old 07-22-2009
xen cannot start

helo can anynody help me?

i'm using xen in debian lenny 2.6.26

if i'm booting in the xen kernel the xend can't start like this

Starting XEN control daemon: xend [ 145.403666] suspend: event channel 21
[ 145.515778] SMP alternatives: switching to UP code "
And then stop.

any idea?..thanks before
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UPDATE-BOOTLOADER(1)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				      UPDATE-BOOTLOADER(1)

update-bootloader - update/change bootloader configuration using Bootloader::Tools perl module SYNOPSIS
update-bootloader [operation] [options] operation is one of --add, --remove or --refresh. valid options are --help, --man, --image <file>, --initrd <file>, --xen-kernel <file>, --xen, --default, --previous, --name <string>, --force, --force-default. DESCRIPTION
update-bootloader will let you modify your bootloader configuration using Bootloader::Tools perl module. OPERATIONS
--add add an new image section. Needs a call to --refresh to take effect. --remove remove the specified image section. Needs a call to --refresh to take effect. --refresh activate the new config e.g. write boot loader to disk PARAMETER
--help Print a brief help message and exits. --man Prints the manual page and exits. --image file specify path to kernel image --initrd file specify path to initrd file --xen specify that you what to add a xen and not a regular image section --xen-kernel file specify that you what to add a xen section with a specific image. Implies --xen option. --default let the new section to be added be the default section if appropriate. Only allowed together with --add operation --previous set some usuable defaults for image, initrd and name when --name string specify the name of the section to be added/removed --force dont complain, just do the right thing --force-default force the new section to be added to be the default section. Only allowed together with --add operation perl v5.12.1 2010-04-22 UPDATE-BOOTLOADER(1)