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Help using XEN in CentOS 5.9

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Old Unix and Linux 02-06-2013   -   Original Discussion by mccabec123
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Linux Help using XEN in CentOS 5.9

Hey guys, I've been straddling with this issue for quite some time now and I'm getting absolutely nowhere with it. It took me a long time to get XEN up and running on my server. We only use SSH to manipulate our servers, but we finally got it up and running. Now I'm at the point of actually attempting to create the servers. But my problem is, there doesn't seem to be any good documentation out there with a step by step guide on setting up Virtual Servers using XEN on CentOS 5.9, I can find various bits and bobs, but nothing solid to go on. I feel like I'm just guessing half of the time.

I'm trying to create VPS's with CentOS installed on them and some default folders etc. but I don't know how to create the initial image and then how to use it. I attempted to create the image using 'xen-image-create' with various parameters. The VPS sets up and the domain is listed, but I can't connect to it, which leads me to believe that the image is not working correctly. I just really need somebody to go over the steps for me, it'd be a great help and I'd really appreciate it, I'm trying to set up a hosting company with my friend, and we're trying to do it properly rather than using CGroup's and all of that terrible stuff to create servers. We want, full dedicated VPS's for our clients, we want to be a very permium hosting company, obviously we need to learn more, but there doesn't seem to be many companies out there that are willing to do that.

Back to my original topic, if somebody could just go over all of the steps to create a XEN VPS then that would be really really helpful. Before we were using the 'xm' command to create and administrate the servers, I assume this is Xen Management.

If you need any documents then I will provide, just not sure which documents you'll need to know about. Also our dedicated server is running CentOS 5.9 and we are trying to install CentOS onto the VPS's.

Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate this.
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Old Unix and Linux 06-29-2013   -   Original Discussion by mccabec123
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If you would like to run OpenVZ, I would like to share my experience about it under this thread.
Despite it does not support Win2k3 OS, it's very simple to create and manage VPS partitions.

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