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Old 07-18-2001
Remote shell with Win 2000

I need to use the RSH command to run a shell script on my Unix box from Win 2000. I'm using the etc/hosts.equiv file for configuring Unix. In it I have the hostname and username as required. As a test, I enter the following on the Win 2000 dos command: rsh servername -l username df -k.

The result:
servername: permission denied
rsh: can't establish connection

I can successfully ping and finger the Unix machine from Win 2000. What other configuration steps are required for either Unix or the Win 2000 machines to allow use of RSH?
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Old 07-18-2001
I recommend that you use Kerberos V5 is the W2K environment and then Kerberize your rsh environment on UNIX OR:

Run SSH client on W2K and SSHD services on UNIX.

Normally, without these security extras, I disable r-commands.

Perhaps someone else has a better answer to your question ?
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Old 07-20-2001
Does the login name you are trying to use have a password? If so, remove the password and try again.
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Old 07-20-2001
Originally posted by ngagne
Does the login name you are trying to use have a password? If so, remove the password and try again.
If he is getting a "Can't establish connection" message then removing the password will not do anything to help.

Sounds like the rsh daemon is not running on the unix machine, or access is being blocked by firewall or other security method (such as tcp wrappers). Make sure the daemon is running properly, and then post again if you need more help.
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Old 07-20-2001
On my Windows 2k machine when I rsh to a UNIX system using a user name that has a password, I get the can't establish connection error message.

Permission denied may mean that the user he is trying to rsh in as does not exist or does not have appropriate permissions.
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Old 07-20-2001
Hi ebergh,

To check that the rsh daemon is running try telnetting to port 514 on the unix machine.

If the rsh daemon is running then checking the log files should give you an idea what the problem is, the /var/log/messages files is probably the first log you want to check.

Andy Smilie

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Old 07-26-2001
Follow up

Thank you to all those who replied to my question. Below is a summary of my findings when incorporating RSH. Perhaps this might help others.....

RSH [options] host [command] (sample test command used = rsh myserver -l username df -k)

-The log on "user" must have a valid user account on the Windows machine.

- The log on "user" must have a valid user account on the Unix machine. The user's log on name on both the Unix and Windows machine must be identical.

-On the Unix machine, the etc/hosts.equiv file must contain both the sending machine's fully qualified hostname (DNS) and the "user" name. Use the man rsh command in unix for details.

-If the RSH command is used in a batch file invoked by a Windows Service, the Service requires the "Log On As" name to be the same user name listed in the etc/hosts.equiv file.

-The Windows machine must have a registered name in the local DNS.

-While not recommended, if the local Windows machine is not registered in DNS, as might be the case for temporary test servers in development environments, you can override by putting the Windows machine's IP address and fully qualified server name in the Unix machine's etc/inet/hosts file (i.e. loghost).

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