OpenBSD bootblocks not installed

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OpenBSD bootblocks not installed

I've been trying to install OpenBSD and the install seemed to go well up until I saw the "bootblocks were not installed" error at the end. I looked online for documentation and found this:

14 - Disk Setup

Neither the "boot" command, /usr/mdec/installboot,nor a /boot folder appeared to be on the shell of the installation cd. From the wording in the link above it seemed this might be a separate boot cd. I looked at this mirror:

Index of /pub/OpenBSD/5.3/i386/

There was one file called "cdboot" but this seemed to be a binary rather than an iso to burn.

Any suggestions to get this up and running?
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14 - Disk Setup looks like it tells how to do this.
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As I stated, those were the things I tried which did not work. However, it appears there is a hardware issue with my drive. After banging my head for two days failing at installing OpenBSD I then found I could not even install Linux or create partitions. I finally managed to create one 25gb partition and put Linux on it, but could not grow it any further. Now that I know the real problem I'm going to trouble-shoot this more after I've had some sleep.

Mod's feel free to close this thread.
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