Process stuck in "pipewr" state

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Operating Systems BSD Process stuck in "pipewr" state
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Old 06-09-2011
Process stuck in "pipewr" state

Hi Experts,

I am executing "svn" checkout command through my java code on a freeBSD machine. SVN checkout gets started , but when I run "top" command on my freebsd machine, I have observed that "svn" processes are stuck in "pipewr" state.

Any pointer for this problem?

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SVN-AUTORELEASEDEB.CONF(5)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				SVN-AUTORELEASEDEB.CONF(5)

svn-autoreleasedeb.conf - Configuration for svn-autoreleasedeb SYNOPSIS
/etc/svn-autoreleasedeb.conf $HOME/.svn-autoreleasedeb/conf DESCRIPTION
The svn-autoreleasedeb configuration file is writed in XML, because XML is easy to work with multiple-level data, but it's already in the TODO list to use a better format. As a good XML file, this config file has the following header. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <!DOCTYPE svn-autoreleasedeb [ <!ELEMENT sources (server)+> <!ELEMENT server (package)+> <!ATTLIST server name CDATA #REQUIRED options CDATA #REQUIRED> <!ELEMENT package (option)+> <!ATTLIST package name CDATA #REQUIRED svnserver CDATA #REQUIRED prefix CDATA #REQUIRED tag CDATA #REQUIRED> <!ELEMENT option EMPTY> <!ATTLIST option name CDATA #REQUIRED value CDATA #REQUIRED> ]> Which, in fact, tells the structure of the XML file. But in the case you don't know XML, this header tells that, in the sources, you have servers, which have packages, which have options. A server has the "name" and the "option" properies, a package has "name", "svnserver", "prefix" and "tag" properties and an option has "name" and "value" property. Before explaining how the options affects the script, you must know that in the current version, all the tags and properties MUST be lower- case (it's already on the TODO list). CONFIGURATION SECTIONS
server This is the master section, tells what server to dupload. Actually, the "name" property of the server is used as the "--to" parameter to dupload. Packages are declared inside servers. Also, the "options" property tells aditional parameters to svn-buildpackage for every pack- age in this server. package The package itself, the "name" property is used as the module name for svn checkout. The "svnserver" property is passed to svn and the "prefix" is placed before the module name, used if your package is inside some other directory than the svn root. You must inform the tag to checkout the sources from. This tag should be used to point where to get the release from. "stable" is a good name for a tag. option Specify an option to a package. The following options are accepted and increment the following text to the svn-buildpackage command: binary-source = 1: "-b" EXAMPLE
In the case you still didn't understand the config file, follows an example: <server name="intern"> <package name="svn-autoreleasedeb" svnserver="svn://ruoso@ozonio:/var/svn" prefix="" tag="trunk"> </package> <package name="someotherpackage" svnserver="svn://ruoso@ozonio:/var/svn" prefix="" tag="trunk"> <option name="binary-source" value="1"/> </package> </server> SEE ALSO
svn-buildpackage(1), svn(1), svn-autoreleasedeb(1), dupload(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Daniel Ruoso <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system. perl v5.8.7 2006-08-04 SVN-AUTORELEASEDEB.CONF(5)