rcp gets hung for long time

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Operating Systems AIX rcp gets hung for long time
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Old 01-09-2008
rcp gets hung for long time

Every evening I run a script in AIX production box, which executes below command:
rcp prod_bkup.tar prodapp@IP:/data/appl/prod

This will rcp a backup of around 11 GB from production to another machine (runs every evening so overwrites previous one). Just to keep the backup safe. Since 2-3 days, I notice that this command takes quite longer than normal days and when I go to another machine - I am allowed to login, But when I give 'ls -l /data/appl/prod' nothing comes and looks like session on both windows kinda hung state. Then I press ctrl C on production.

Then next morning 'ls -l /data/appl/prod' command also works fine on another machine and I see that backup is copied (not fully, the byte difference is there) of around 2 hours later time stamp. And I tried rcping a 0 byte from production to another machine also works fine. Only problem comes during evening when I rcp the backup.

Do you know what might be going wrong and where can I find such logs on AIX machines?

Please advice / Thank you.
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RCP(1)							    BSD General Commands Manual 						    RCP(1)

rcp -- remote file copy SYNOPSIS
rcp [-px] [-k realm] file1 file2 rcp [-px] [-r] [-k realm] file ... directory DESCRIPTION
Rcp copies files between machines. Each file or directory argument is either a remote file name of the form ``rname@rhost:path'', or a local file name (containing no `:' characters, or a `/' before any `:'s). -r If any of the source files are directories, rcp copies each subtree rooted at that name; in this case the destination must be a direc- tory. -p The -p option causes rcp to attempt to preserve (duplicate) in its copies the modification times and modes of the source files, ignor- ing the umask. By default, the mode and owner of file2 are preserved if it already existed; otherwise the mode of the source file mod- ified by the umask(2) on the destination host is used. -k The -k option requests rcp to obtain tickets for the remote host in realm realm instead of the remote host's realm as determined by krb_realmofhost(3). -x The -x option turns on DES encryption for all data passed by rcp. This may impact response time and CPU utilization, but provides increased security. If path is not a full path name, it is interpreted relative to the login directory of the specified user ruser on rhost, or your current user name if no other remote user name is specified. A path on a remote host may be quoted (using , ", or ') so that the metacharacters are interpreted remotely. Rcp does not prompt for passwords; it performs remote execution via rsh(1), and requires the same authorization. Rcp handles third party copies, where neither source nor target files are on the current machine. SEE ALSO
cp(1), ftp(1), rsh(1), rlogin(1) HISTORY
The rcp command appeared in 4.2BSD. The version of rcp described here has been reimplemented with Kerberos in 4.3BSD-Reno. BUGS
Doesn't detect all cases where the target of a copy might be a file in cases where only a directory should be legal. Is confused by any output generated by commands in a .login, .profile, or .cshrc file on the remote host. The destination user and hostname may have to be specified as ``rhost.rname'' when the destination machine is running the 4.2BSD version of rcp. Linux NetKit (0.17) August 15, 1999 Linux NetKit (0.17)