SSHD does not start

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Operating Systems AIX SSHD does not start
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Old 01-10-2008
bash-2.05a# lslpp -l openss*
  Fileset                      Level  State      Description
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
  openssh.base.client  COMMITTED  Open Secure Shell Commands
  openssh.base.server  COMMITTED  Open Secure Shell Server
  openssh.license    COMMITTED  Open Secure Shell License  COMMITTED  Open Secure Shell
                                                 Documentation - U.S. English
  openssh.msg.en_US  COMMITTED  Open Secure Shell Messages -
                                                 U.S. English

Path: /etc/objrepos
  openssh.base.client  COMMITTED  Open Secure Shell Commands
  openssh.base.server  COMMITTED  Open Secure Shell Server

bash-2.05a# startsrc -s ssh
0513-085 The ssh Subsystem is not on file.

At this point, can it be really a bug...?
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Old 01-10-2008
Did you upgrade your ML as everyone working this issue for you has suggested?
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Old 01-10-2008
I have to admit i made a typo somewhere up this thread. The ssh service is called sshd and the group is ssh. So the command to start it is

startsrc -g ssh


startsrc -s sshd

The first one starts the group ssh, the scond one starts the single service sshd. I'd like to apologize. If both are not working, what is the output of

lssrc -a | grep ssh

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Old 01-10-2008
I just finished the upgrade, I still have to reboot but "startsrc -s sshd" goes well.... Hope that there will be no problem after reboot... Smilie

Thank you to everyone involved... Smilie
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