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Lowercase to Uppercase

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Operating Systems AIX Lowercase to Uppercase
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Old 10-16-2008
There are plenty of examples above - you just have to change the echoing of a variable to echoing your string for example...
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Uppercase to lowercase

Hello, I have a list of files in a directory whose names are all in uppercasse, including the file format for eg *.MP3 . I would like to convert these to the normal way we write it ie ABC.MP3 to be converted to Abc.mp3 . I know that this can be done manually by using a lot of "mv" or rename... (6 Replies)
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Convert lowercase to uppercase

listprocs.sh contains ps -ef | grep "swikar" 1) Write a shell script to convert an input file to all upper case. Name your shell script toupper.sh. Hint: tr ' ' ' ' will convert all lower case letters to upper case To use your script, try the following command: cat... (1 Reply)
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Uppercase to lowercase and vice versa

shell script to convert file names from UPPERCASE to lowercase file names or vice versa in linux anybody please help me out!!!! (5 Replies)
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UPPERCASE to lowercase

Hi All, i have a file and i want to convert all uppercase letters to lowercase letters which are in my file. how can i do this. Thanx (3 Replies)
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Unix: lowercase to uppercase

I just started to learn unix... and i needed to make a basic script. i need to 1. read a file (.txt) 2. count the words of EVERY sentece 3. sentences with odd number of words need to be converted into lowercase sentences with even number of words need to be converted into uppercase ... (6 Replies)
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indentation and lowercase to uppercase

hi, i need to write a bash script that does two things. the program will take from the command line a file name, which is a C code, and an integer, which is the size of my indentation i would then have to indent every nested code by the number of columns provided by the user in the... (1 Reply)
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i have no variable and no file i just want to convert AJIT to ajit with some command in UNIX can anybody help (4 Replies)
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UPPERCASE to lowercase with no overwriting?

Hey, I've just started learning shell script today. How would I write a bash script file that changes file names from uppercase to lowercase in that directory, the program should warn the user and NOT overwrite the existing file if it's already in lowercase? for example in a directory i... (1 Reply)
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How convert lowercase or uppercase

It will only accept one argument where it should be upper or lowercase. if user choose to convert filnames to upper case than it should convert to upper or vice versa. if no action taken by the user then should not do anything any of the files in the current directory. (5 Replies)
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uppercase to lowercase

Greetings & Happy New Years To All! A client of mine FTP'ed their files up to the server and it all ended up being in UPPERCASE when it all should be in lowercase. Is there a builtin command or a script anyone knows of that will automagically convert all files to lowercase? Please advise asap... (4 Replies)
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_ENV(3) 								 1								   _ENV(3)

$_ENV - Environment variables

	An associative array of variables passed to the current script via the environment method.

	These  variables are imported into PHP's global namespace from the environment under which the PHP parser is running. Many are provided by
       the shell under which PHP is running and different systems are likely running different kinds of shells, a definitive list  is  impossible.
       Please see your shell's documentation for a list of defined environment variables.

	Other environment variables include the CGI variables, placed there regardless of whether PHP is running as a server module or CGI proces-

       $HTTP_ENV_VARS contains the same initial information, but is not a superglobal. (Note that $HTTP_ENV_VARS and $_ENV are different variables
       and that PHP handles them as such)

       |Version |						    |
       |	|						    |
       |	|		     Description		    |
       |	|						    |
       | 4.1.0	|						    |
       |	|						    |
       |	|  Introduced $_ENV that deprecated $HTTP_ENV_VARS. |
       |	|						    |
       Example #1

	      $_ENV example

	      echo 'My username is ' .$_ENV["USER"] . '!';

	       Assuming "bjori" executes this script

	      The above example will output something similar to:

	      My username is bjori!


	      This  is	a  'superglobal', or automatic global, variable. This simply means that it is available in all scopes throughout a script.
	      There is no need to do global $variable; to access it within functions or methods.

       getenv(3), The filter extension.

PHP Documentation Group 														   _ENV(3)

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