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Old 01-02-2002
Error uppercase to lowercase

Greetings & Happy New Years To All!

A client of mine FTP'ed their files up to the server and it all ended up being in UPPERCASE when it all should be in lowercase. Is there a builtin command or a script anyone knows of that will automagically convert all files to lowercase?

Please advise asap if you know how...

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Old 01-02-2002
do you want to convert the file names or the contents of the file??
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Old 01-02-2002
just file names

Thanks for your reply...

I just want to convert the files names, the directories and all files in the subdirectories to lowercase. File names and directory names only. Not the contents of the files.

I can do the direcotries by hand if necessary as there are only 5 or so but all the darn file names somehow got converted to UPPERCASE by my client....

Thanks again!
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Old 01-03-2002
Try something like this:
# Do the directories first, so that the
# path doesn't change
for each in `find . -type d`
newname=`echo $each | tr [A-Z] [a-z]`
mv $each $newname
# Now to the files...
for eachf in `find . -type f`
newnamef=`echo $eachf | tr [A-Z] [a-z]`
mv $eachf $newnamef

I tested this on my machine real quick, and it worked OK...

Hope this helps.

(By The Way, you'll get some errors from mv if the filename is already lowercase {I even got an error trying to move "." to "."} - you don't have to worry about those...)
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Old 01-03-2002
it worked!

Thanks it worked!

It justed needed a 'done' statment at the end and it worked perfectly!

Thanks a million!

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