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New to AIX and IBM Hardware. Need some info

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Operating Systems AIX New to AIX and IBM Hardware. Need some info
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Old 06-26-2013
New to AIX and IBM Hardware. Need some info

Hello all. I'm new to AIX and IBM hardware and I have a question around the configuration of the service processor on the power series. I need to know:

1) How do I get into the service processor from the serial console when AIX is up and running. I come from the Sun world and I tried all I know. How do I break out of the AIX login prompt and get back into the SP. The server is currently in use else I would just reboot, so I need to know how to get into it without disturbing users.

2) Can you configure the SP from within AIX? I need to enable the HMC ports and some systems I have I don't know their Ip and unfortunately they are static. So the default IP is not set. Or if there is a way to "reset" the SP without bringing down the system I'd like to know that.

I just find the IBM docs so overwhelming and hard to find any info. And google in regards to IBM and AIX always comes first on searches. So I'm just finding IBM info and not from reg users.

Any help you can give this AIX newbee would be great.

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Old 06-27-2013
There are several ways you can connect to the SP. Sorry to lead you back to IBM again, but here is a link to IBM documentation which lists the possible ways how to connect/configure the SP and how to perform these steps:
Appendix B: Supporting information for setting up consoles

Here is a description how to connect serial to the ASMI/SP:
Accessing the ASMI using an ASCII terminal

So far I usually used a web browser to connect to the ASMI. The ASMI is the configuration interface for the SP:
Managing the ASMI
Controlling the system power using the ASMI

There is of course an option where to view/set the network configuration of your Managed System (the system that hosts all your LPARs).

I mixed up information for p6 and POWER7 systems when gathering the information. Usually the same is available for all of the p/POWER type of systems. There could be different menus/options. Though you get a start where to look at.

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