Requirment are without password to get hardware info in the the linux using Qt?

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Old 06-17-2011
Requirment are without password to get hardware info in the the linux using Qt?

Dear All,
I have developed one application in the Qt Creator. I have one requirment for get hardward information in the Linux system, Then i try dmidecode using and run in Qt.It will occur error message for "dev/mem" permission denied". So i try to terminal to run sudo ./application. it will ask password after enter the password the application running and get hardwareinfo also. So how to do in Qt. Please help me it urgent.
requirment are without password to get hardware info in the the linux using Qt?

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Old 06-17-2011
You could set your program setuid: chmod u+s myprogram You'll need to do that as root, but once that's done it should run as root no matter who runs it.

And you'll get all the security holes of running things as root but you get what you ask for.
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