Executable doesn't complete on large files

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Operating Systems AIX Executable doesn't complete on large files
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Old 10-16-2009
Question Executable doesn't complete on large files

Good morning,

I have an executable called DataExport (not that the name means much), but anyhow, it is a job that runs to call oracle stored procs which then export data out to a text file. Depending on which export is calling the DataExport, different stored procs are run. Exports 1, 2 and 3 all succeed in that the last thing DataExport does is once the file has completely come out of Oracle and is in the text file, the DataExport program moves the file to an Output folder.

The problem I am encountering is that Exports 4 & 5 produce very large files and take significantly longer (721499383 bytes in about 40 minutes compared with 75564 in about 2 minutes) and they don't ever get moved to the Output folder. I have put tracing into the executable to see what it is doing at the very end and there is nothing to indicate why it doesn't complete the job of moving the file to the Output folder. Here, for example, are the last four lines of the trace:

SVEInputTableClass::Setting field data. Getting next record
SVEInputTableClass::GetNextRecord. Getting next record
SVEInputTableClass::Setting field data. Getting next record
SVEInputTableClass::GetNextRecord. Getting next record

Prior to that are thousands of those exact same lines. So the question becomes, is there any setting in AIX that kills a pid or stops a pid if it hits a certain limit of memory or diskspace?
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Old 10-16-2009
Maybe the problem is Oracle. I would check there.
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Old 10-17-2009

yeah, I've asked the customer's DBA to check on that. Hopefully he will find something because I think the answer from an AIX forum is that there are no such limits except for the hard physical limits which in this case I know we are not hitting for disk space but I'm not 100% sure about memory.

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I never got a reply from the DBA, however, I managed to figure something out - the program that calls the DataExport has two settings - Number of Records and Number of Loops which were respectively set at 100,000 and 100. This is how the datafiles ended up being so large, so I set the Number of Loops to 1 to limit the size of the file (increasing the number of files) and this is now working.

Though few of you replied, I am always grateful for the existence of unix.com.
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