HACMP and net cable swaps

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Operating Systems AIX HACMP and net cable swaps
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Old 08-13-2009
HACMP and net cable swaps

I have 2 nodes using AIX 5 and HACMP

My net guru tells me he needs to retire a rack, but some of my cables are plugged into a patch panel in the rack and I need to swap my servers to new cables.

I was hoping to do an on-the-fly swap quickly, but not sure how HACMP will respond to a cable swap.

Any thoughts or concerns?
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Old 08-13-2009
Originally Posted by mhenryj
[...]I was hoping to do an on-the-fly swap quickly, but not sure how HACMP will respond to a cable swap.

Any thoughts or concerns?
Assuming that you have two different switches (because you don't have a Single Point Of Failure SPOF in your network setup) you may unplug one cable without any harm. If you unplug the cable that is used by the Service Label an adapter swap (or an etherchannel failover) will occur that should be transparent for the application. Wait till the swap took place before you reconnect. If you unplug the cable that is stand-by you will see an event in the logs only.
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