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Port hang issue in AIX Version 5.3

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Operating Systems AIX Port hang issue in AIX Version 5.3
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Old 08-14-2009
There is definitely no limit of connections to any particular port in AIX ... I have loads of boxes with 2500+ connections to the port of the oracle listener.

I assume you are using connection pools to access somehow a database. If this is the case, please have a look here Configuring and Using WebLogic JDBC

When your applications attempt to get a connection from a connection pool in which there are no available connections, the connection pool throws an exception stating that a connection is not available in the connection pool. To avoid this error, make sure your connection pool can expand to the size required to accommodate your peak load of connection requests.

To set the maximum number of connections for a connection pool in the Administration Console, expand the navigation tree in the left pane to show the Services—>JDBC—>Connection Pools nodes and select a connection pool. Then, in the right pane, select the Configuration—>Connections tab and specify a value for Maximum Capacity.

Kind regards

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VANESSA_SOCKET_PIPE(1)					      General Commands Manual					    VANESSA_SOCKET_PIPE(1)

vanessa_socket_pipe - Trivial TCP/IP pipe based on libvanessa_socket SYNOPSIS
vanessa_socket_pipe [options] DESCRIPTION
A TCP/IP pipe is a user space programme that listens for TCP/IP connections on port on the local host and when a client connects makes a connection to a TCP port, possibly on another host. Once both connections are established data sent on one connection is relayed to the other, hence forming a bi-directional pipe. Uses include enabling connections to specific ports on hosts behind a packet filter. This code is intended primarily as an example of how many of the features of libvanessa_socket work. OPTIONS
-c|--connection_limit: Maximum number of connections to accept simultaneously. A value of zero sets no limit on the number of simultaneous connections. (default 0) -d|--debug: Turn on verbose debuging to stderr. -h|--help: Display this message. -L|--listen_port: Port to listen on. (mandatory) -l|--listen_host: Address to listen on. May be a hostname or an IP address. If not defined then listen on all local addresses. -n|--no_lookup: Turn off lookup of hostnames and portnames. That is, hosts must be given as IP addresses and ports must be given as numbers. -O|--outgoing_port: Define a port to connect to. If not specified -l|--listen_port will be used. -o|--outgoing_host: Define host to connect to. May be a hostname or an IP address. (mandatory) -q|--quiet: Only log errors. Overriden by -d|--debug. -t|--timeout: Idle timeout in seconds. Value of zero sets infinite timeout. (default 1800) Notes: Default value for binary flags is off. -L|--listen_port and -o|--outgoing_host must be defined. AUTHOR
Simon Horman <> 12th February 2001 VANESSA_SOCKET_PIPE(1)

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