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Full Discussion: installing new man pages
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers installing new man pages Post 12478 by jwatson1000 on Tuesday 1st of January 2002 10:14:26 PM
Old 01-02-2002
installing new man pages

I am having problems installing new man pages on a FreeBSD 3.3 system. They are the man entrys for a new software that I have installed and I would like them to be searchable from man. I have run Make whatis and tried to adjust the manpath.config. I also have played with catman but I think the pages are already in the right format.

Is there a simple tutorial on some web site to give me a little help? I think I am close there is just some key information or concept I am missing.



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CATMAN(8)							Manual pager utils							 CATMAN(8)

catman - create or update the pre-formatted manual pages SYNOPSIS
catman [-dhV] [-M path] [-C file] [section] ... DESCRIPTION
catman is used to create an up to date set of pre-formatted manual pages known as cat pages. Cat pages are generally much faster to dis- play than the original manual pages, but require extra storage space. The decision to support cat pages is that of the local administra- tor, who must provide suitable directories to contain them. The options available to catman are the manual page hierarchies and sections to pre-format. The default hierarchies are those specified as system hierarchies in the man-db configuration file, and the default sections are either the colon-delimited contents of the environment variable $MANSECT or the standard set compiled into man if $MANSECT is undefined. Supplying catman with a set of whitespace-delimited sec- tion names will override both of the above. catman makes use of the index database cache associated with each hierarchy to determine which files need to be formatted. OPTIONS
-d, --debug Print debugging information. -M path, --manpath=path Specify an alternate colon-delimited manual page hierarchy search path. By default, this is all paths indicated as system hierar- chies in the man-db configuration file. -C file, --config-file=file Use this user configuration file rather than the default of ~/.manpath. -h, --help Print a help message and exit. -V, --version Display version information. ENVIRONMENT
MANSECT If $MANSECT is set, its value is a colon-delimited list of sections and it is used to determine which manual sections to search and in what order. MANPATH If $MANPATH is set, its value is interpreted as the colon-delimited manual page hierarchy search path to use. FILES
/etc/manpath.config man-db configuration file. /usr/man/index.(bt|db|dir|pag) A traditional global index database cache. /var/catman/index.(bt|db|dir|pag) An alternate or FSSTND compliant global index database cache. SEE ALSO
man(1), manpath(5), mandb(8). AUTHOR
Wilf. (G.Wilford@ee.surrey.ac.uk). Fabrizio Polacco (fpolacco@debian.org). 2.5.2 2008-05-05 CATMAN(8)

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