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Old 02-28-2002
Question man pages


I've written now a man pages, but I don't knwo how to get 'man' to view them. Where have I to put this files, which directories are allowed??

THX Bensky
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Old 02-28-2002
For the man command to be able to find and display a man page, the man page has to be placed in the appropriate directory. The FILES section of man(1) lists these quite well:
    /usr/share/catman/u_man/cat[1,6]/*     user manual pages
    /usr/share/catman/a_man/cat[1,4,7]/*   system administrator manual pages
    /usr/share/catman/p_man/cat[2-5]/*     programmer manual pages
    /usr/share/catman/g_man/cat3/*         Graphics Library manual pages
    /usr/share/catman/local/cat[1-8lnop]/* local pre-formatted manual entries
    /usr/catman/local/man[1-8lnop]/*       local unformatted nroff(1) source
                                           manual entries
    /usr/share/man/*                       additional unformatted manual pages

** Man pages are also often placed in directories such as /usr/local/man. The characters at the end of the directory names are the section-numbers of the man pages. Man pages you have written will be unformatted so should be placed in the man[1-8lnop] directories as opposed to the cat directories.

Hope you get what you looking for.
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Old 02-28-2002
Ok, but is there also a possibility to view man pages without moving it in one of these directories, because I don't have rights to write sth. in these directories!!
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Old 03-01-2002
You can create a directory in your home directory, called "man", add a section within there, then add that directory to your manpath.

mkdir man; mkdir man/man1
mv name.1.gz man/man1/

Add the following to your .profile or .bash_profile:

You should be able to view it by typing:
man name

If not, you can specify the file to use. You can do :
man ./my_man_file.1.gz
Check your man's man page to be sure Smilie
man man
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