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Old 08-07-2002
ms sql command reference

does somebody know where i can find command reference for mssql? i tried to search via google and it does help me that much. maybe someone can refer me a site.

thank you very much.
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Old 08-09-2002
If you have MSSQL you can bring up the help window and search for Programmer's Reference. You should get a listing of topics

Interfaces, Objects, Enumerations, Collections, ....

You will have to dig for the commands, but that is one way...

If you have no clue about SQL, try searching goggle for "basic sql commands". There are quite a few that will get you started ( like this one or thisone (sql+)

Or you can dig through the Newsgroups on Microsoft Support or the documentation at SQL Server Support
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Old 08-21-2002
I would suggest the "SQL Server Books-on-line" that ships with SQL Server. One of the best references for SQL Server that I have found.
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