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How I can burn .bin type file ?!

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Old 05-19-2002
How I can burn .bin type file ?!

Hi there

recently I download a staroffic and it's come as one binary file
"staroffice.bin" I just want to know how I can burn this type of files.

thanks in advance

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Old 05-19-2002
I'm not 100% sure but i think you got to run:

dd if=file.bin of=/dev/cdromfile
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Old 05-19-2002
I have never heard of simply burning a CDR using dd and don't think that dd works for burning CDs.
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Old 05-19-2002
I know dd burns .iso files. I think .bin files are different. I'm not 100% sure.
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Old 05-19-2002
You can use dd() to read from a CD... but to write you need a more complex utility such as cdrecord() .

Please refer to this link:

and this one:

Writing CD-ROMs is done in 2 steps under Linux:

packaging the desired data (files, music or both) into one big file using the mkisofs/mkhybrid-utility

writing the big file to the CD-R with cdrecord
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Old 05-20-2002
Sorry Guys!!

HI there..

Sorry for wasting your time.I think I forget to mention I download unix sun (I386) and I want to burn it using w2k. Maybe it's not the right place to post my qustione but coz unix is the matter Smilie that's why I post my qustione here.

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Old 05-20-2002
Re: Sorry Guys!!

Originally posted by geoquest
HI there..

Sorry for wasting your time.I think I forget to mention I download unix sun (I386) and I want to burn it using w2k. Maybe it's not the right place to post my qustione but coz unix is the matter Smilie that's why I post my qustione here.

Hi geoquest,
To make sure I have this right, you donwloaded Star Office for Solaris Intel Platform and now you want to burn the .bin file using Win2k? Not sure why you would be having trouble. The .bin file is an executable file which unpacks itself on your Solaris machine so that you can install SO. You should be able to burn this file to cd using whatever cd burning package you have on your pc (Roxio, Nero etc). Are you concerned that Solaris wouldn't be able to read the cd if you burned it with Win2k? I don't think this would be a problem. I'm not well versed on the differences in CDFS file formats but I would think the standard ISO9660 or whatever should work fine.

Sorry if I wasn't any help. Figured I'd take a stab.

Take care,

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