Windows vs Unix/Linux 2

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Old 04-06-2002
Windows vs Unix/Linux 2

This subject was brought up a short while ago.
The question someone asked was is it possible to have Windows, Unix and Linux on one machine.
It is possible to have a dual boot machine and it is possible to run Linux under windows and windows under linux.
It is better to run Windows under Linux as Linux has more defence against viruses.
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Old 04-06-2002
Yes ,it is possible to do that ???

YES,it is possible to have Windows, Unix and Linux on one machine. YES, It is possible to have a dual boot machine and it is NOT possible to run Linux under windows and windows under linux cause windows and linux are independent OS (operating systems)......
Bootloader for RH7.2 for EX ....Grub I'm using it to choose between Windows and LInux ...
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Old 04-07-2002
It is possible to run Linux under windows and Windows under Linux. Go to and search for a triple boot machine or something like that and it will appear.
Go to and there is an information page about how to do it.
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Old 04-09-2002
It's possible via a utility like VMWare.
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Old 04-13-2002

VMWare is one way to run "under" another OS, also you can try PhatLinux, which runs the Phat Linux distribution inside Windows.

I don't think you rally know what you're asking. Windows is prone to viruses because to many have been written/compiled for the DOS/Windows OSes. As far as getting cracked goes, you can just set up more stringent port blocking and disable certain types of scripts and you'll be all good.

As far as tri-booting goes, I do it with Windows using the boot.ini file. Screw LILO and GRUB, I don't use em'! Just partition your drives as you like them during the installs, and when it comes time to install a boot manager, simply don't do it or just install it to the drive that you are install UNIX/Linux on. Then, boot to UNIX/Linux using a boot disk and then mount a blank floppy and enter the command "dd /dev/hda5 bs=512 count=1 /mnt/floppy/bootsect.bsd" where hda5 is your drive that UNIX/Linux is installed on, and bootsect.bsd is whatever file name you want to call your booting file. Then, unmount your floppy and reboot into Windows, copy your file from the floppy to one of your directories (or folders) then edit boot.ini and add an entry like... C:\BOOTSECT.BSD "FreeBSD UNIX 4.5"
That will let you choose which OS you want to load whenever you're booting. It also gets around disk geometry problems associated with some of the Linux boot managers.
Currently I'm running Windows XP Professional, Mandrake Linux 8.2, and FreeBSD 4.5, and they all work just fine using this method.
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Old 05-06-2002
yes and yet no

Well i know for a fact that you can duel boot linux and windows but I had a problem with that last year with a copy of mandrake I had. I have found that very easily your boot file can get coruppted. And you cant even run the quick restore disks that usually come with your computer because it has nothing to boot off of. So that usually ends up causing you to have to spend money and lose a lot of information, I would recommend just making up your mind between the two.....
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Old 05-06-2002
I have been thinking about getting one of these.

They ain't cheap, but, whoa, dual 800MHZ 64-bit Itaniums, and it can triple boot windows, linux, and hp-ux.
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