Using Windows XP as my internet gateway

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Old 04-03-2002
Using Windows XP as my internet gateway

I have many question regarding many things in Unix.
here is another.
I have a
Novell 5 server
Windows 2000 advanced server running active directory
Windows 2000 professional server running exchange 2000
Windows XP professional providing my internet gateway through 56K dial up modem (sad I know but my ADSL is awaiting to be installed)
Suse Linux 7.1
all those machines are running thru a 3Com superstack II switch 10/100
all my Windows machines are able to acces the internet via my XP box. is their a way of connecting my Linux machine to also use this XP box as my internet gateway.
I have dynamically assigned IP addresses from my ISP, but with static DNS server addresses.
2000 adv svr =
2000 pro svr =
XP pro =
HP jetdirect EX plus 3 =
Linux 7.1 =
Novell 5

I'm able to ping all the relevent machine on my lan but am unable to ping DNS server at my ISP location.

Can this be done, if so help me.
Also I would like to be able to print to my HP Laserjet 6p thru my JetDirect box, which I can also ping from Linux.

Would it be better if I setup my Novell 5 server as my internet gateway, this will be fine however when I have my ADSL conection installed I won't be able to route this thru novell as it does not have a USB port ( sad also but novell does not need much power, so I'm running it on an old AT machine with a Intel P200 MMX )
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Old 04-03-2002
Sure, it can be done.

Did you set the defaultroute for the Linux box ?
(route add default gw eth0)

To make it permanent you need to edit /etc/route.conf.

After you've done that, you should make that your DNS server is listed in /etc/resolv.conf.
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