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Microsoft Knowledgebase and "Bing" search engine

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Old 08-24-2009
Microsoft Knowledgebase and "Bing" search engine

Has anybody managed to find anything whatsoever on the Microsoft Knowledgebase since they changed the search engine to "Bing".

Does anybody have a link to the old search engine which despite its faults did let you see Microsoft Knowledgebase articles ?

Ps: I just got 54,000 hits from Google for "Microsoft Bing useless".

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WWW::OpenSearch::Response(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			    WWW::OpenSearch::Response(3pm)

WWW::OpenSearch::Response - Encapsulate a response received from an A9 OpenSearch compatible engine SYNOPSIS
use WWW::OpenSearch; my $url = ""; my $engine = WWW::OpenSearch->new($url); # Retrieve page 4 of search results for "iPod" my $response = $engine->search("iPod",{ startPage => 4 }); for my $item (@{$response->feed->items}) { print $item->{description}; } # Retrieve page 3 of results $response = $response->previous_page; # Retrieve page 5 of results $response = $response->next_page; DESCRIPTION
WWW::OpenSearch::Response is a module designed to encapsulate a response received from an A9 OpenSearch compatible engine. See for details. CONSTRUCTOR
new( $response ) Constructs a new instance of WWW::OpenSearch::Response from the WWWW::OpenSearch:Response returned by the search request. METHODS
parse_response( ) Parses the content of the HTTP response using XML::Feed. If successful, parse_feed( ) is also called. parse_feed( ) Parses the XML::Feed originally parsed from the HTTP response content. Sets the pager object appropriately. previous_page( ) / next_page( ) Performs another search on the parent object, returning a WWW::OpenSearch::Response instance containing the previous/next page of results. If the current response includes a <link rel="previous/next" href="..." /> tag, the page will simply be the parsed content of the URL specified by the tag's href attribute. However, if the current response does not include the appropriate link, a new query is constructed using the startPage or startIndex query arguments. _get_link( $type ) Gets the href attribute of the first link whose rel attribute is equal to $type. ACCESSORS
feed( ) pager( ) AUTHOR
o Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <> o Brian Cassidy <> COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright 2005-2010 by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa and Brian Cassidy This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.10.1 2010-05-25 WWW::OpenSearch::Response(3pm)

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