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Old 08-24-2009
Microsoft Knowledgebase and "Bing" search engine

Has anybody managed to find anything whatsoever on the Microsoft Knowledgebase since they changed the search engine to "Bing".

Does anybody have a link to the old search engine which despite its faults did let you see Microsoft Knowledgebase articles ?

Ps: I just got 54,000 hits from Google for "Microsoft Bing useless".

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ENGINE(1SSL)							      OpenSSL							      ENGINE(1SSL)

openssl-engine, engine - load and query engines SYNOPSIS
openssl engine [ engine... ] [-v] [-vv] [-vvv] [-vvv] [-vvv] [-c] [-t] [-tt] [-pre command] [-post command] [ engine... ] DESCRIPTION
The engine command is used to query the status and capabilities of the specified engine's. Engines may be specified before and after all other command-line flags. Only those specified are queried. OPTIONS
-v -vv -vvv -vvvv Provides information about each specified engine. The first flag lists all the possible run-time control commands; the second adds a description of each command; the third adds the input flags, and the final option adds the internal input flags. -c Lists the capabilities of each engine. -t Tests if each specified engine is available, and displays the answer. -tt Displays an error trace for any unavailable engine. -pre command -post command Command-line configuration of engines. The -pre command is given to the engine before it is loaded and the -post command is given after the engine is loaded. The command is of the form cmd:val where cmd is the command, and val is the value for the command. See the example below. EXAMPLE
To list all the commands available to a dynamic engine: $ openssl engine -t -tt -vvvv dynamic (dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support [ unavailable ] SO_PATH: Specifies the path to the new ENGINE shared library (input flags): STRING NO_VCHECK: Specifies to continue even if version checking fails (boolean) (input flags): NUMERIC ID: Specifies an ENGINE id name for loading (input flags): STRING LIST_ADD: Whether to add a loaded ENGINE to the internal list (0=no,1=yes,2=mandatory) (input flags): NUMERIC DIR_LOAD: Specifies whether to load from 'DIR_ADD' directories (0=no,1=yes,2=mandatory) (input flags): NUMERIC DIR_ADD: Adds a directory from which ENGINEs can be loaded (input flags): STRING LOAD: Load up the ENGINE specified by other settings (input flags): NO_INPUT To list the capabilities of the rsax engine: $ openssl engine -c (rsax) RSAX engine support [RSA] (dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support ENVIRONMENT
OPENSSL_ENGINES The path to the engines directory. SEE ALSO
config(5) COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2016-2018 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved. Licensed under the OpenSSL license (the "License"). You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You can obtain a copy in the file LICENSE in the source distribution or at <>. 1.1.1a 2018-12-18 ENGINE(1SSL)