Thank You Patreon Sponsors - Your Patreon Dollars at Work

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Thank You Patreon Sponsors - Your Patreon Dollars at Work

Thank You Patreon Sponsors!

We are using your generous sponsorship dollars for software and media licensing. Your patronage is greatly appreciated!

Currently, we are working on new tech videos on the YouTube YT channel, which is the new official media channel for

(Redirects to YT channel)

All the video clips in the new videos on our channel are from We are creating all videos with fully licensed, royalty-free content, included in the membership fees.

When we get more Patreon sponsors, we will more-than-likely upgrade to the "all videos, after effects and audio" annual fee.


Thanks again!

FYI: videoblocks / storyblocks licensing agreement attached.
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glare - perform glare and visual comfort calculations
glare [ glarefile [ picture [ octree ] ] ]
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Work on this program was initiated and sponsored by the LESO group at EPFL in Switzerland.
dayfact(1), findglare(1), glarendx(1), igraph(1), rpict(1), xglaresrc(1), ximage(1)
5/2/95 GLARE(1)

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