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Old 07-23-2011
Of Computer wizards and games

You guys are really are a genius, you make computer processing more easy for us end users. You just don't make wonders but you also make good computer games too. Really there is a fast evolution on the era of the computer world. Thanks to you guys!


The Cute Angry Birds Online

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GAMES(1)						      General Commands Manual							  GAMES(1)

4s, 5s, ana, mandel, plumb, smiley, life, fsim, clock, catclock, fireworks, swar, festoon - time wasters SYNOPSIS
games/4s games/5s games/ana [ fixwords ] games/mandel games/plumb [ level ] games/smiley games/life startfile games/fsim games/clock games/catclock [ -c ] games/fireworks games/swar games/festoon [ -p ] [ -e ] [ -t ] [ -sseed ] [ len ] [ pfn ] DESCRIPTION
There are a few games in /bin/games: 4s, 5s Try to fill complete rows using 4-square or 5-square tiles. Move tiles left or right by moving the mouse. Rotate tiles with buttons 1 and 3. Drop tiles for more points with button 2 or the space bar. ana Find anagrams for words typed on standard input. Anagrams can contain several dictionary words. The fixwords argument or num- bers typed on standard input fix the number of words in the output anagrams. mandel Compute and display Mandelbrot sets. Menus on the mouse buttons control various things. plumb Build a plumbing system. Keep ahead of the advancing oil and don't waste pipe. The level argument lets you start at a harder level. smiley A game of historical importance. Type space to shoot, comma to move left, and period to go right. life Play the game of life, given an initial position. There is a library of interesting initial positions; the library is consulted if startfile cannot be found. fsim Pretend you're flying a Cessna. clock, catclock Display analog clocks. Option -c makes catclock crosseyed. fireworks Hoist the fiery blue peter. swar Space war for two players called MCI and SPRINT. One player types a or d to turn left or right, s to shoot, x to enter hyper- space, and w to accelerate. The other player uses ;, l, . and o. AT&T scores whenever either ship shoots itself or otherwise causes mayhem. Hyperspace is occasionally fatal. festoon Traditional radical monoarchate qualitativeness. Now produces pictures (-p), tables (-t), and equations (-e). The seed can be set to recreate a specific document. Len is sentence length, and pfn is percent faked nouns (default 0). FILES
/sys/games/lib/4scores scores of 4s games /sys/games/lib/5scores scores of 5s games /sys/games/lib/plumb/scores scores of plumb games /sys/games/lib/anawords used by ana /sys/games/lib/plumb/* miscellaneous files used by plumb /sys/games/lib/life/* interesting starting positions SOURCE
/sys/src/games GAMES(1)