How Many hours on Computer?

View Poll Results: How many hours you spend on the Computer in a day?
9-12 Hours 11 57.89%
13-16 Hours 6 31.58%
17-20 Hours 1 5.26%
5-8 Hours 1 5.26%
1-4 Hours 0 0%
21-24 Hours 0 0%
Voters: 19. This poll is closed

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? How Many hours on Computer?
# 8  
Old 09-15-2009
Vampires don't need sleep Smilie

Ok honestly - I spend about 16-18 hrs working and in my free time I am here ... being 24/7/365 oncall means many nights where you don't get any sleep and I really cannot recall when I was sleeping last time more than 4 hrs continuously.

I voted 17-20 hrs - but as stated - sometimes it's much more ...

# 9  
Old 09-16-2009
Originally Posted by zxmaus
Vampires don't need sleep Smilie
SmilieLOL@ Vampires don't need sleep!!!

well, i guess you are the highest voter so far spending more hours on Computer and sleeping less hours and probably eating while you are still on computer too.

oh...i forgot vampires don't eat too!!!Smilie
# 10  
Old 10-01-2009
well depends how you count:
Hardly anything on holydays, a minimum to 10 if any on weekends, 10-16 on week days...
What does that give?
# 11  
Old 10-03-2009
Originally Posted by vbe
What does that give?
Well, that was something in my mind...
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