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mod_rewrite help

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Old 08-05-2009
mod_rewrite help

Here's my situation.

When a user access the site it redirects to /portal which displays SKIN1 by default.

When a user accesses the site it displays SKIN1 by default as well.

When a user access the site it displays SKIN2 as its supposed to but as soon as that same person goes to or it shows SKIN2 by default and no longer SKIN1

I need a rewrite rule or something that will say /portal always points to SKIN1 accept for when accessing SKIN2 and only show SKIN2 when its chosen.

Let me know if this makes any sense?

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SPI_CURSOR_OPEN_WITH_ARGS(3)				  PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation			      SPI_CURSOR_OPEN_WITH_ARGS(3)

SPI_cursor_open_with_args - set up a cursor using a query and parameters SYNOPSIS
Portal SPI_cursor_open_with_args(const char *name, const char *command, int nargs, Oid *argtypes, Datum *values, const char *nulls, bool read_only, int cursorOptions) DESCRIPTION
SPI_cursor_open_with_args sets up a cursor (internally, a portal) that will execute the specified query. Most of the parameters have the same meanings as the corresponding parameters to SPI_prepare_cursor and SPI_cursor_open. For one-time query execution, this function should be preferred over SPI_prepare_cursor followed by SPI_cursor_open. If the same command is to be executed with many different parameters, either method might be faster, depending on the cost of re-planning versus the benefit of custom plans. The passed-in parameter data will be copied into the cursor's portal, so it can be freed while the cursor still exists. ARGUMENTS
const char * name name for portal, or NULL to let the system select a name const char * command command string int nargs number of input parameters ($1, $2, etc.) Oid * argtypes an array containing the OIDs of the data types of the parameters Datum * values an array of actual parameter values const char * nulls an array describing which parameters are null If nulls is NULL then SPI_cursor_open_with_args assumes that no parameters are null. bool read_only true for read-only execution int cursorOptions integer bit mask of cursor options; zero produces default behavior RETURN VALUE
Pointer to portal containing the cursor. Note there is no error return convention; any error will be reported via elog. PostgreSQL 9.2.7 2014-02-17 SPI_CURSOR_OPEN_WITH_ARGS(3)

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