How do I make a cgi script World-executable

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Old 06-12-2001
How do I make a cgi script World-executable

I'm trying to set up a form mail script on a website that when Submitted, a cgi script is executed and a perl translator (located in a secured and inaccessible folder) translates the script. After speaking to my hosting provider, I was told to "Telnet into the system and make the script executable." Thanks to Unix Forums user, PxT, I'm now able to access their server and login, but I'm not sure how to make this script executable. I think it has something to do with the chmod command. Please advise...

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Old 06-12-2001
now that you can log onto your providers servers you can look at there man pages.

type the following

man chmod

its very self explanitory
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Old 06-13-2001
ls -a will show you the permissions on the file, to the far left. They are grouped in three lots, the far left three are permissions set for the owner, the next three are permissions for the group and the last three are permissions for the world. There are three main flags on these permissions:

r = Read
w = write
x = execute

If one of these flags is present in whatever grouping it means that that person/group of people can conduct that action on the file. So, for e.g.

-rwx-rw--r-- 1 someone someuser 20984 Jun 13 10:22 file1

Would mean the owner has read, write and execute permission, the group only has read and write and the world only has read.

You can pass a set of three numbers, each one corresponding to the owner, group and world respectively, to the chmod command to adjust these permissions.

r = 4
w = 2
x = 1

So the command:

chmod 467 file1

Would change the permissions on file1 thus:

-r--rw--rwx 1 someone someuser 20984 Jun 13 10:22 file1

Now you can apply this information to change the permissions on your file to how you desire Smilie

As optimus said check the man pages, this is only very basic stuff on controlling permissions.

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