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Old 12-02-2002
Question Montoring FTP Users


I am running Rh Linux 8 and vsftp as my ftp server.

How do I montor users that are login to the ftp servers?
Is this even possible? When I issue the w or who command it shows only login users to the server but doesn't show anything regarding ftp.

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Old 12-02-2002
last command will show you user's that login through ftp session.


if you modify /etc/inetd.conf with ftpd -l this is cause all ftp session to be logged /var/adm/messages or any other log file you wish

for example on my solaris machine

I have the following entry in /etc/inetd.conf

ftp stream tcp6 nowait root /usr/local/in.ftpd in.ftpd -l

this make my machine log any ftp session including user name

I hope this help
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Old 12-02-2002
Anyway to check to see at real time and not by looking at the log.

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