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Old 06-08-2001
Eject Tape


I'm using AIX and I'm looking for a command that can eject the tape. Any help is highly appreciated.


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Old 06-08-2001
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Old 06-08-2001
Try the 'mt' command.
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Old 06-15-2001


mt -f /dev/rmt/0 unload

Change the /dev/rmt/0 to your specs.

mt(1) DG/UX R4.20MU06 mt(1)

mt - magnetic tape control

mt [ -f tapename ] command [ count ]

mt sends commands to a magnetic tape drive. If tapename is not specified, the environment variable TAPE is used. If TAPE does not
exist, mt prints an error message. Note that tapename must refer to a raw (not block) tape device. For tape-positioning operations, the tape device should be a non-rewinding device; otherwise, the tape rewinds at the end of the operation regardless of any position
request. For example, specify /dev/rmt/0n instead of /dev/rmt/0.

By default, mt performs the requested operation once; count specifies multiple operations.
The available commands are listed below. Only as many characters as are required to uniquely identify a command need be specified. Not
all commands are supported by all devices. eof, weof Write count EOF marks at the current position on the tape.
fsf Forward space count files.

fsr Forward space count records.

bsf Back space count files.

bsr Back space count records.

rewind Rewind the tape. The count argument is ignored with this command.

offline, rewoffl
Rewind and unload.

status Print status information about the tape unit. The count
argument is ignored with this command. If the device is a CLARiiON tape array, the status information reported will include: the tapeset id, the number of tapes in the tapeset, the write-protect status, and whether the tapeset was written using parity. Note the status command will change the tape position based on the raw tape device specified.

retension Retension the tape. The count argument is ignored with
this command.

eom Position to the end of the medium. The count argument is ignored with this command.

load Load the tape. The count argument is ignored with this command.

posload Position the autoloader (magazine) to count slot number and load the tape. If count is negative then eject the magazine.

unload Unload, or eject, the tape. The count argument is ignored with this command.
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