How to cancel all printjobs at once?

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Old 11-22-2002
How to cancel all printjobs at once?

Hi unix-friends,

I've got an RS6000 with Unix 4.3 as OS.
I'm writing a script that i want to use for cancelling all print jobs at once. Does anyone have any good idea's, hints, or tips?

Hope to hear from you,

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Old 11-22-2002
The way I've done it on sco in the past is

lpstat -o|awk '{print $1}'|xargs cancel {}\; 2>/dev/null

maybe you can do something similar, you may need to use awk to get a different field depending on where your request id appears when you do lpstat -o.

You can put a printer name after the -o to just cancel the prints on a certain printer, maybe you could make this a parameter to your script?
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Old 11-22-2002
ya.. instead of cancelling each print job with a command....

got any more efficent ways to make us more efficient system administrators.... i am thinking abt shell scripts as an alternative... ;D
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Old 11-26-2002
cancel pid pid pid pid pid

the trick is the space between each pid. the same goes for kill command. i did this on a aix machine. think should be the same for most variants.
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