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Old 11-10-2002
Question browsers

hello all,

to see what browsers exist on solaris server
what is the path and then how can i acces the

i appreciate your help.
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Old 11-10-2002
for console web browsing only you can use lynx, see if lynx is there by typing lynx at the command line. if your using a gui, then use your find program search for netscape, or mozilla, or if your using KDE then try looking for konqueror
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Old 11-11-2002

yes the lynx shows me the specs of the text browser
but how can i know if it is installed on the server
or other browsers have been installed like netscape
in order to access the internet and do more installations??
is this possible on solaris 2.6 ?

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Old 11-11-2002
Here is a crude way (the way a crude admin like me would do);

Mozilla example:

find / | grep -i mozilla

Lynx example:

find / | grep -i lynx

There are less crude ways than this brute force method, of course Smilie and you might find them if you search the forums (searching filesystems have been addressed at length for numerous platforms).
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Old 11-11-2002
From CDE you can click on the world/clock icon for the hotjava browser unless Netscape has already been installed then it should bring up a Netscape browser.

Netscape did not come with the OS on Solaris 2.6.
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