emergency help ! about unixware backup

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Old 11-07-2002
emergency help ! about unixware backup

MY question is :
First I create emergency_disk successful ,and then I create emergency_rec with command
" /sbin/emergency_rec ctape1 " (in single user mode)
it prompt me as :
"/tmp is busy "
"/usr/tmp/hwrdmon open failed errno 0X2
adapter enquiry failed for 1 adapter "
and it will show these again and again .
My tape is normal .When I use tar to backup ,it is successful.
Can you help me at once ? (soft version unixware 7.1.1 )
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Old 11-07-2002
Is /tmp mounted on it's own disk/device/partition?
Do you have the "lsof" utility installed?
If by some chance you do, try using 'lsof | grep "/tmp"'

You can see what is using the direcotry/device.

Sorry I can't offer more - I have never used UnixWare...
Hopefully someone here knows more about UnixWare and can help for sure...
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