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Old 11-07-2002
Network HTML-CGI on Unix

AAAHHH!! I've made a perl program that you can run on a web browser. This program needs to be run everyday, and I don't want to have to run it everyday. The problem is when I try running the program from my terminal, all it does is print stuff to the terminal page (the program involves a lot of HTML forms that are automatically filled out and submitted). Is there someway I can make my unix server run these html commands? I've used crontabs before, so that isn't the problem.
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Old 11-10-2002
You have to explain some more.. I dont understand. What does the program print? what do you mean by running it in a web browser? a CGI script?

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Old 11-10-2002
Sounds like you want to execute the file in crontab and redirect standard out and standard error to a file? If so, search the forums for those keywords because this has been discussed in many threads.

If not, please provide more details like s93366 requested above.
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Old 12-03-2002
Sorry I didn't respond for so long, I was temporarily moved to a different project. Coming back to this question I realize this was horribly written, and it isn't even what I really need to accomplish. If you care, here is my problem:

I need to execute a cgi at a certain time everyday using a cron, but there are two major problems. This cgi is on a site that's being hosted by another company, even though we do all of the code for it. So not only is it on a different server, I also need to send variables to it. I can't seem to find anyway to do this without using html.

Thanks a lot for your help so far! I hope this one makes sense.

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Old 12-03-2002
I finally figured it out! I have to use
 lynx ''

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