/tmp is missing ????

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Old 11-05-2002
Data /tmp is missing ????


When I type mail command i get the following error :

/tmp/Rx7678 : No such file or directory

If I try to use the man, i also get an error related to /tmp.

I looked at my other servers and found this /tmp file, looked inside it and found that it has some files related to booting, the machine with the problem doesn't have any /tmp files or directories like the other machines....and since i saw the word booting in the other /tmp files in other machines , i was afraid to reboot the machine with the problem just in case this /tmp is needed for rebooting and the machine wont restart properly...

i am really worried about this tmp, since i think it is an integral part of the Unix Sco OS that I have...I am afraid I lost my OS...

please help.
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Old 11-05-2002
Create a /tmp directory (if one does not exist) and change the mode to 777 to all users can read, write, etc. in that directory.

mkdir /tmp

chmod 777 /tmp

... and you should be OK.

NOTE: This post says create /tmp if one does not exist. Please read the entire reply, KM, before responding, thanks Smilie
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