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A question that need an answer Plz

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Old 10-30-2002
Question A question that need an answer Plz

I'm with FreeBSD 4.6.2, and i would like to know how to install this ports :

There's no .tgz so i can't do the pkg_add command. Can you please help me???

Thank You. Smilie

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Old 10-30-2002
I hope I'm not misunderstanding you, but can't you just compile the port by cd'ing into /usr/ports/net/kmerlin, then typing make install
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Old 10-30-2002
you need to have ports collection installed on local machine, and then cd /usr/ports/needed_port/
make install clean
this comand will get sources, compile it and install on your system.
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Old 10-30-2002

I have the ports collections installed... but not this port. So... thats it...
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Old 10-31-2002
Re: Well...

Originally posted by Erythro73
I have the ports collections installed... but not this port. So... thats it...
So you have no /usr/ports/net/kmerlin directory?
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Old 10-31-2002
Re: Well...

Originally posted by Erythro73
I have the ports collections installed... but not this port. So... thats it...
It's time to update your ports collection! Readup on CVSUP from the handbook as this will detail how to do it correctly!
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Old 10-31-2002
No i don't have /usr/ports/net/kmerlin
But I'll update my ports collection, with CVSup as soon as I will read the doc.

ThankYou Smilie .

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