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Old 10-29-2002
Repeat a command in a shell

Hi there,

i would like to repeat a command in a shell sript (bash)

the script starts with a menu to choose a menu point to do something ....

on the end of the script i would like to restart the programm to choose the menu points on the beginning.

I would also make a sript that send every 3-4 minutes a simple command (e.g. df -k ore date ....) to avert a disconnet.

pls help.

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Old 10-29-2002
If you have used a SSH to run your script then you don't have to worry about being disconneted unlike and ftp shell.

As far as Menu's go you should look at the 'Select' shell command work. This is in the Ksh on all unix platforms but does appear in other shells depending on which platform you use.
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Old 10-30-2002
for the menu to keep popping up after you choose a menu item and it executes you can do the following :-
Just after your comments in the beginning of your scripts ( I'm presuming that you are using a case statement to write your menu)
while true

# The following is displayed as a menu on the user's screen

echo "                    Administrator's Menu
                1)  View backup status
     Enter your Choice ==> \c"


# This section executes the user's choice of commands from the above menu

case "$CHOICE" in

# This command shows the last ten lines of the backup log to allow
# the Administrator to view the status of the backups over the last
# few days

        1 )  tail -10 /usr/scripts/backup.log |pg

In other words the while true do....done will do it for you

added code tags --oombera

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