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Old 10-18-2002
Java Books needed.

New here. I work for a company that has UNIX on it's server and would like to know where I could get a detailed book on the OS or what it is called. If I can increase my knowledge I may be able to land the Systems Administrator's job. No one is currently in this possition. I live in Canada, so availability is limited. Thank you for your help.
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Old 10-18-2002
The Byrd,

These sites should get you started:

UNIX (General) - Dennis Ritchie's homepage (one of the founders of UNIX). Good information on origin and history of UNIX.


UNIX (Shell Scripting)

UNIX (System Admin) - an extensive collection of system admin links

I hope these help!

Systems/Network Administrator
LiveFire Labs - Hands-On Technical e-Learning
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Old 10-18-2002
you may want to buy..

"The UNIX Programming Environment" by Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike... this is a book by the OS's authors and would need some patient reading which is ultimately rewarding...

On google just type Kernighan & Pike
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Old 10-18-2002
Here is a link that has some good resources.

First, I would suggest any books that are sold by the Vendor of your OS. Like Sun and HPUX both have books for OS Specific topics.

Also, some good books are:

"UNIX in a Nutshell" by O'Reilly.
"Sed & Awk" by O'Reilly
"The AWK Programming Language" by Aho, Kernigan, Weinberger
"TCP/IP Network Administration" by O'Reilly

For a beginner this next book is a MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!
Another AWESOME book, sometimes referred to as "The Red Book". I think it is now a 3rd edition for around $65, but I just found a 2nd ed for $6! at a used book store. Shouldn't be much difference.

"Unix System Adminstration Handbook" by Nemeth, Snyder, Seebass, Hein

That should keep you busy for a few years!!!

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Old 10-19-2002
Vishnu posted:

"The UNIX Programming Environment" by Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike... this is a book by the OS's authors and would need some patient reading which is ultimately rewarding...


It's a great book, even if old. Little in it has changed.

But, while Kernighan and Pike were at Bell Labs when the book was written, neither are the "OS's authors." They did work on parts of the OS, along with a few hundred other people at Bell Labs. The authors would be Thompson and Ritchie.
Marc Rochkind
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Old 10-20-2002
What is it that your running? Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD?
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Old 10-21-2002
Tools Thanx a whole lot.

I would like to thank everyone who replied. I am going to research this info and it looks like I am getting into a very big world. As for the type of system we are using...I am not sure as yet, but will find out in the near future. Thanx again for your help. I beleive it is Solaris.
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