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Old 10-10-2002
tar command with compress option...

Hi !

i have to write a script that archivs homes not used since 3 years.
First, my script gathers the users that are concerned, using the following command :

ll -lt /home/*/.sh_history | egrep '2000|1999|1998|1997' | awk '{print $3}'

i obtain a list like this :


Now i want to archiv each homes using for==>do,done with a tar (with compress option) in it....

Can someone give me the syntax i should use...i am not good at procedure writing...

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Old 10-11-2002
Well, your tar command will be along the lines of:

tar -czf /home/user_n /place4backup/user_n_home.tar.gz

You could substitute locations or user names with variables containing those details!

I'll need more time to think up the for==>do loop; I'm a bit better at Perl! I'm sure that someone here in this forum will post the for==>do loop construct for you!
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Old 10-11-2002
for loop

You can redirect the output of users to a file. Then do something like this.

for name in `cat file.1`
echo "starting tar of" $name
tar <somthing here>
something else here
echo "tar finished for " $name
done 2> error.log

Just off the top of my head. A for loop is very powerful if you can use repetitive code.

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Old 10-11-2002
You can do this :

for name in `ll -lt /home/*/.sh_history | egrep '2000|1999|1998|1997' | awk '{print $3}' `
echo "starting tar of" $name
tar <something here>
something else here
echo "tar finished for " $name
done 2> error.log


ll -lt /home/*/.sh_history | egrep '2000|1999|1998|1997' | awk '{print $3}' | while read name
echo "starting tar of" $name
tar <something here>
something else here
echo "tar finished for " $name
done 2> error.log

If the version of your tar command donīt have the "-z" option, you can make a FIFO file (name pipe) with the mknod command.

Like this :

mknod backup_file_p p
gzip < backup_file_p > backup_file_p.gz &
tar -cvf backup_file_p /home/user_x
\rm backup_file_p

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