How to Beautify ur code?????

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Old 05-24-2001
Hi all,
How exactly we can do the beautification of a unix script?
Is there a command for that.


Thanks in advance
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Old 05-24-2001
i have to ask. what is beautification?
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Old 05-24-2001
I want to mean that can we put indentation sort of thing.
I have heard of a command called 'cb' for c codes.

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Old 05-30-2001
Use the 'indent' command:

indent -kr -i8 <I>input_file</I>

See the man page, there are tons of options.
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Old 06-19-2002
I tried man indent
got nothing.

How to use that? I use HP-UX
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Old 06-19-2002
I have never heard of a program like cb for shell scripts. And it's no great loss. I was never impressed with cb. Ugly code always has deeper problems than poor indenting. There is only one way to get beautiful code: use very good programmers.
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