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Old 09-16-2002
Prevent root login directly

How can I prevent anyone from logging in as root directly? I have added the line
to the file /etc/default/login

I was still able to login as root from the console. Please advice.


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Old 09-16-2002
Edit this file if present. You may need to create it first.

vi /etc/securetty

put "console and/or root" in here and any other user that you don't want logging in directly.

Here is a thread that discusses it as well.
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Old 09-16-2002

I am not aware if it works for systems other than SSolaris
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Old 09-26-2002
i'm sure that the thread starter is not using none of the bsd family variant, but i think useful to say that root login can be prevented [in all .BSD variants] editing /etc/ttys and removing "secure" attribute from all consoles where root login is not allowed. of course, /dev/console might be a good [even the only one] console for root login in single mode :-)
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Old 09-27-2002

I have done this through using the following:

I create a file in /etc called telnet_users where I list the name of all users that I want them to login directly to the system.
Then in /etc/profile I check if the user (through whoami) is in the telnet_users file if not I exit.

If u need the code I can provide it to u

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