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Old 09-10-2002
Email to a process


I want to send a mail to a unix process.Is that possible if so what will be the email id assuming my process name is "sampleprocess".
Also when do we normally send mails to a process
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Old 09-10-2002
well there are 2 ways to get mail to software.

1) the software is listening for communication on a port.
2) the software is setup to read all incomming mail for USERX and will strip out all the needed info for processing.
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Old 09-10-2002
Many people simply pipe mail received by either an MTA or MUA to a process. An MTA, such as sendmail, can receive mail and pipe it to a process. Often, mail is received by an MTA and sent to a user mailbox via a local MUA, and the MUA forwards the mail, via a pipe, to the standard-in.

Often, in a .forward file in a user directory has something like,


Or, in a file like the sendmail aliases file:

joe.user: "|/home/user/bin/myprocess"

There are many reasons to do this, a person can simply send mail to a host and in the message have embedded tokens that could be used for anything imaginable... for example, you could send a message to a user aliase and have an embedded command (with embedded security) telling your home computer to turn off the lights in your house (if you had a interface to your home lighting)....

You can literally do anything you can imagine by sending mail to a process.... your imagination is the limit.... you could send mail to our home computer and with an embedded token that could be used by a process to activate a video camera, another example.

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