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Old 09-07-2002
Question Which Flavor to start with????

Hello Everyone!

I am a newbie for Unix OS's and have just started learning the basic commands but i am getting a lot confused in flavors of unix. Which one to start with; which one will run stable on my intel box; which one has the best to explore in security/performance/high speed networking/doesn't get stuck during large no. of hits(when acts as a web server)/users etc. I searched the net; got up with Free/open/net BSD's,HP-Ux,Solaris. Which one to choose to start over and more preferably which one can be used as multiple boot OS function along with windows xp already installed; like i don't know how these things go. I come from GUI windows background.

thanx for reading & regards for all senior members.


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Old 09-10-2002
many flavors... so little time...

There are many versions, and most of them will run on a PC.

Cerberus is correct that you can find free versions on line. There are also other proprietary versions from Mandrake and RedHat, Suse, etc...

Mandrake site has many downloads for addons. You can even get an Office like product called Star Office.


Here is an email from Neo as well.

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Old 09-11-2002

cerberusofhate & Kelam_Magnus

thanx for the nice suggestions; i think i would start with FreeBsd. but actually i am not wondering for finding unix....my question is again the same as there must be one & only one flavor that is the heart of all other unix OS's ; that must be the one dominant over other flavors for its power & stability. one who masters it masters all other flavors!!! the quest still remains for the heart of Unix Kernals!! & I am sure one day I will find it.

Again thanx for your kind suggestions.Smilie
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Old 09-11-2002
There is no ONE "Killer version of UNIX"...

I don't know if your question is in jest or serious, so here goes. IF it is serious.

I have one reference site that may prove my point. Go to www.ugu.com and see how many versions of UNIX there are documented. On this site, there are at least 80 Proprietary versions of UNIX http://www.ugu.com/sui/ugu/show?ugu.flavors, .

I wish I could post an attachment I have that shows the history of UNIX evolution. It documents 40 different times that UNIX had significant changes up to 1993 from 1969 when Multics was the original incarnation then on to UNIX, and then Version V (5), BSD and SCO Xenix.

These are the 3 major strands of UNIX-based OSs. One group is SCO UNIX another is based on the BSD Berkeley version and "System V" being the other. These 3 different philosopies are the 3 main dominant ones although there are many variations of them.
There are actually 8 different strands that I know of according to the image I have. Here they are:


Of the proprietary versions, these are the most robust: HP, SUN, AIX, but they all have strengths and weaknesses.

Of the Linux versions RedHat, Mandrake, Suse, BSD, etc... the same thing applies. Many people have there favorites, but there is not one that is dominant so far as functionality or methodology.

So far as I know, there is only the historical evolution of UNIX, if that is what you mean. You can trace the history of the creation and variants and off-shoots, but there is no singular UNIX Version that is the Granddaddy of them all, in the respect that you are trying to ascertain.

I hope this helps you understand the futility of your quest and why it can never be determined. Certainly there are dominant ones in this group, but none that are the "be all, end all" of UNIX.

SmilieSmilie Smilie

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Old 09-11-2002
If you truly want to learn UNIX I would suggest one of the BSD's or Slackware Linux and preferably good book on UNIX System Administration. But get ready for a long period of sleepless nights Smilie

If you'd just want to get started quickly and *really* need GUI in your daily use, any of the popular Linux distros (Mandrake, Red Hat) will do this job great.

But really, the more newbie-friendly distros can be a nice gateway into "real" UNIX..
I started of with Red Hat 5 and eventually moved over to Slackware, and later setting my foot in the BSD's as well. In other words, thank you Red Hat for introducing me to the Linux/UNIX world Smilie

Good Luck Smilie
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Old 09-12-2002
I can't say 'what is best for another person' or 'what is better than another'...... BUT I can say this:

I've used Linux Slackware since 1991 or 1992 and have no intention of changing to anything else. On the other hand, I only use Linux as servers without GUIs......

That does not mean that Slackware is better, it is just what I've always liked, but I was using UNIX for many years before Linux and found Slackware to be more 'like UNIX'...... I've heard others say the same thing.... oh well....

.... it all depends on what you like..... blonds, redheds, brunettes .... all a matter of taste Smilie I personally like long dark hair and Slackware Smilie

UNIX. COM admin nerd ISO sexy woman with long dark hair to help with Slackware ....... no wonder my ads are never answered !!!! ROTFL Smilie Smilie

Then again, there is the question of icecream:
  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • strawberry
  • coffee
  • ... the list goes on and on ....!!!

Which "flavor is best" ???

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Old 09-13-2002
Hammer & Screwdriver THANX !!!


Well i am surely serious about my question; like I am always looking for logical reasons to clear my doubts & questions thats why I have put up this question. after taking a look at the long history of UNIX OS's......there no time to even compare all of them in any regardsSmilie ...your reply has given me now a clear concept of what are the unix flavors all about & why its not possible to give all the credits to just one flavor. thanx again.


Thanx for the advice as most people including you are recommending BSD's/Slackware/redhat.......thats why i am starting with Free BSD; about linux....i have been using red hat linux7x from last 6 months but i feel to shift to unix as in my country many students almost all are trying to go for linux.....certs etc everywhere I listen is linux over here...but a very few even know about the capabilities of unix.....may be thats why I feel it like when i am going to complete my graduation.....there will be a lot of people knowing linux but a very few to admin unix boxes. and i always want to go for something which is different.


Yes indeed; one cannot have all the flavors available at the icecream palor at the same time; it all depends on individual liking...Smilie & its gonna take a long time to taste em' all. Since I am new to this world of ICECREAM flavors; i don't know how they taste;...whether i m' gonna like vanila or strawberry....but its very nice of all of you out there to help me narrow my choices among the large number of flavors. thanx Neo.

It was my very first thread @ unix.com & thanx to all of you for your nice & kind suggestions; I feel it that now @ unix.com I am gonna have a superb time learning UNIX OS's with all you nice fellows helping around. thanx again everyone!Smilie Smilie


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