pulling the following line from a file

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Old 08-29-2002
pulling the following line from a file

I have return files from a process that has then original input record followed on the next line by a response record..either AA,........... for accepted or EE,.......... for errored.



I want to write a small script that will return the row and it's response to a separate file.

I.e. I tell the script I want the records that start 11 and their responses and I get the first two lines above. I can do the pattern matching etc to get the first line - but I am having trouble getting the second line to come back too.
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Old 08-29-2002
Could you use the -n option of grep to get the line numbers & use awk with {FS=":"} {print $1} to chop them out into a temporary file.

You can then run down the input file again with this file of line numbers & extract the line & the line after each time.

Might take some time to run though.
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Old 08-29-2002
How about:
sed -n '/^11/{;p;n;p;q;}'

This assumes that want only the first couplet that starts with 11. To get them all, omit "q;".
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Old 08-29-2002
Thanks guys....

I like the sed option...but I think I found the same in awk.....

awk -F"," ' /^11/ { print ; getline; print } ' my_file

Cheers for your help.
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Old 08-29-2002
Just to mix things up a little:
If you have GNU grep, you could do this:

grep -A1 "^11" your_file
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